Ladakh - the place where Buddhism and adventure flourishes

Apr 1, 2013

The north Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir has some of the most exotic places in the country. Ladakh situated in the eastern part of J&K has been a tourist place from the British era. Sandwiched between Karakoram mountain range and Himalayas, the place welcomes thousands of visitors on a yearly basis.

Leh and Ladakh are favourite places for the reasons of religion and adventure. Bike rides on the streets of Leh are a famous tourist activity. Your vacation to India must include a visit to Ladakh if you are an adventure freak. Hunting, fishing and trekking are fondly loved by tourists visiting in Leh. Your planning should start by booking cheap flights from Melbourne to India.

On reaching Jammu, you can find road route to Leh and Ladakh. Another aspect which attracts tourists to this beautiful place is the Tibetan-Buddhist culture. Many monasteries are found in this place. The scenic beauty of Ladakh is awe inspiring. Your sight would be glued to the snow tipped mountain ranges and blueish lakes of this place.

It is a cold place and temperatures are very low. You can book cheap flights from Melbourne to India  in any month of the year to visit this place. Popular tourist places of Ladakh are Leh, Drass valley, Kargil, Phukthal, Sani monastery, Markha valley, Salt valley etc. The most famous treks are Kala Patthat trek, Chadar ice trek, Ladakh monastery trek and more to list down.

Permits are required for foreign tourists to visit inner line areas like Tsokar lake, Durbuk block, Nubra valley and more. Browse the net to check the places to visit in Ladakh. If you have a bike you will love trekking this wonderful area. So, to enjoy best of nature and biking, book cheap flights from Melbourne to India and enjoy the beauty of Ladakh!

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