Visit and taste the cultural cocktail of India

Apr 17, 2013

The most striking characteristic of India is its culture. The diversity in climate, people, cultures, languages, environment makes India an exceptional cocktail. Visiting it will give you all the flavours of an attractive country. The best time to visit India is in winters that is the time from November to mid February.

Indian CultureAs far as air tickets are concerned the cheapest time to visit the 'God's own country' is in monsoons that is from June to August. At these times, many airlines provide highest discount offers. You can book cheap flights from Melbourne to India during this time and plan a trip with family or friends. Contacting a travel agent will give you details about the latest air ticket discounts.

India has so many options to visit that you will practically get confused. From the snow studded Himalayas to the sea surrounding southern side to the lush green eastern area to the desserts of west, every place in India has a mystical charm and alluring quality. The south Indian state of Kerala has been coveted with numerous international tourism awards.

When we talk about culture, you will seldom find a country which is so culturally diverse. Here you will find variety in language, dance, food, architecture, music, religions, festivals, customs and even the life style. It is an absolute pot-pourri of traditional and modish ideologies. While being scientifically progressing country it has preserved its spiritual heritage of Yoga and Ayurveda.

People of India display fusion of western thought process and the conventional belief system. You will  find a mixed bag of philosophies. Thus, for experiencing this absolute miscellaneous and multifarious place, just book cheap flights from Melbourne to India and enjoy.

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