Mumbai - city of fashion, films and cultural diversity

Apr 18, 2013

Mumbai is city exuberant with life and speed. Often termed as the 'City of dreams', this place is the main land of Indian cinema. If crowds don't bother you than your visit to the city would be a joy ride. The place oozes with film fever and will give you all the flavours of life. From the Richie rich to the slum dwellers, everybody finds a home in Mumbai city.

Melbourne to MumbaiTo visit this multifaceted city, you must plan a trip to Mumbai. Availability of cheap flights from Melbourne to Mumbai are many. All you have to do is plan an exquisite trip to this metropolitan city and dive into the city of films, gangsters, traffic, slums, festivals, bars and restaurants. Called as the financial capital of India Mumbai is the hub of fashion, beaches and food.

The step up destination of Mumbai is Chhatrapati Shivaji International airport. From here you can hire a taxi or auto to move in the city. If you are familiar to travelling in crowded trains, journey in local trains of Mumbai is a real adventure. Your trip from Melbourne to Mumbai must at least include a visit to the Elephanta island, Gateway of India, Juhu beach and Film city.

The Elephanta island is fondly known as the City of caves. It signifies the spiritual and mystical aspects of India with its traditional sculptures. A Hindu temple dating back to hundreds of centuries has sculptures of all deities giving away the ancient feel of India. With a nominal fees of 90 rupees, this place is open on all days except Monday.

Film city is another super popular attraction of Mumbai. It is an integrated studio in Andheri, Mumbai. Serving as the ideal venue for film shootings, the place has numerous recording rooms, theatres, lakes, gardens and grounds. Your trip from Melbourne to Mumbai would be incomplete if you don't visit this star studded place. Here, you might also get a glimpse of your favourite star.

Juhu beach, Gate way of India, Hanging garden, Chowpati beach etc. are other 'must not' miss destinations of Mumbai. The innate shopper in you would be elated with the street side shopping of this place and the food would leave you salivating. So, this vacation, book flight from Melbourne to Mumbai and enjoy being in the city of dreams!

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