Boudhanath stupa - the spiritual epicentre of Nepal!

May 17, 2013

Buddhism has played a pioneer role in spreading spirituality across the globe. It is spread across Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, India, South Korea, Tibet, Japan, Burma, Indonesia and the entire world.

Amongst the various holy shrines, Boudhanath stupa is one of the largest. Located 11 km away from Kathmandu, this stupa in Nepal dates back to 14th century.A very popular tourist site, the stupa has been a place of worship for a huge population of Tibetan refugees. It has been crowned as UNESCO world heritage site in 1979.Entombing the remains of Kassapa Buddha the stupa offers is the focal point of Nepal & Tibet.Surrounded by nearly 50 Gompas (Monasteries and Nunneries), the place is residence of numerous red clad monks and nuns.

Instructions for the tourists:

  • You are visiting a holy place so dress accordingly to maintain the dignity of the place.
  • Within the main stupa area, you should go bare foot.
  • Offer your prayers by circumnavigating the stupa  in clockwise direction.
  • You can chant mantras and turn prayer wheels in clockwise direction while circumnavigating.
  • For maintaining the peaceful environment talk in low tone, keep cell phones silent and do not play loud music.
  • Do not sit with your feet facing the Buddha statue.
  • Don't climb or sit on the statues.

Travel guidelines:

  • After landing at the Kathmandu airport, you can hire a taxi to Boudhanath Stupa main gate.
  • Local taxis and vans carry passengers from Kathmandu valley to Chabihil.
  • From Chabihil, you can walk for 20 minutes or hop on a bus/van to the main gate of the Boudhanath Stupa.
  • Site seeing can be done on foot or taxis can be hired at affordable rates.
  • The transportation cost of this place is very pocket friendly.
  • With permission you can visit the monasteries and nunneries as well.
  • Shopping for handicrafts of Nepal can be done in areas surrounding the stupa.


  • Many hotels, guest houses, rental rooms are available for days, weeks and months.


  • There are many restaurants overlooking the stupa. These serve vegetarian food at different   costs.
  • Cafes of the place offer ground coffee, latte's, cappucinos, cakes and snacks.
  • Cafes here are facilitated with Wi-Fi for you to connect with the world.

The destination is a must visit for meditators and those who are are inclined to spirituality. Achieving peace and tranquillity is effortless at the Boudhanath stupa. So, for many timeless memories, visit this ancient shrine and feel the connect with the Divine!!

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