Himalayas - mesmerising and daredevil trek of the world!

May 18, 2013

All you trekking fanatics, if you want to experience snow clad mountain ranges, freezing cold, hardcore hiking treks and the mystique of mountains then Himalayas in India would prove to be a lifetime experience.

For this breath taking adventure, you must plan your trip in advance and book cheap flights from Melbourne to India. You must have a clear idea of your Himalayan lottery - nature's finest wonder. For trekkers who love nomadic endeavours, this mountain trip would leave lifetime memories.

Mountaineers like to romance with these Asian mountain ranges stretched across 2500 km. Many expeditions in the Everest region are planned by group of trekkers. There are diverse groups which plan these trips and are available on the net. They can be contacted beforehand so that booking cheap flights from Melbourne to India is easy.

Your journey 18,000 feet above the snowline would be full of unexpected wonders. The austere magnificence of Himalayas makes it a mesmerising trekking destination. Certain prerequisites of trekking include physical fitness such that you can walk for 10 to 15 km a day. The treks are stretched across 100 km to 500 km. And are 3,000 to 10,000 ft above the sea level.

Of all the Himalayan treks, the Everest range is considered the most emphatic. Here the trekker group would incorporate few days of hard core trekking, rafting, jungle safari etc. in the trip. The trip lasts a fortnight to more days depending the length of the trek and the weather conditions. Summer times June to September are best suitable to trek up to Himalayas.

You can plan cheap flights from Melbourne to India in this time to get the best of Himalayas. You must book some good trekking tour agents to travel with well trained, experienced and skilled trekkers. You can check these agents over the web and get all the details. So, this vacation book cheap flights from Melbourne to India to be on Everest and have the most wonderful time of life!

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