Traveling with baby in the womb? Here are few safety tips!

Jun 1, 2013

Traveling is a pleasure but for a woman under her pregnancy period, traveling could be a matter of concern for herself and for the baby in her womb. However with some precautions, traveling can be lot fun for even a pregnant woman.

With some advance preparation and precautions your journey can be smooth and risk-free.

Consult your doctor before planing your trip

Before you begin to plan  your journey, consult your doctor because your doctor knows better than you about your and your baby's health! Your baby in the womb deserve high level of care and needs to be taken care of everything that might seem as small/normal but it is your doctor who can direct you on what things to take care of and how. Your doctor, upon your medical inspection may not allow/suggest you to travel if you and your baby-in-womb get exposure to external risk and that's why it is suggested to ask your doctor if you are fit to fly!

Carry necessary medicines and medical documents/reports

While you are packing your luggage for your travel/trip, don't forget to take your medicines and medical certificates, reports and other necessary documents along with emergency contact details of your doctor. In case of any emergency, your medicines can help you get some relief. In case if you happen to get emergency medical treatment while on-board or during journey, your doctor on duty can talk to your family doctor and can know if there are any medical complications or health issues.

Water water everywhere!

Wherever you go, keep a bottle of water with you. Because during pregnancy, your chances to become dehydrated are higher than during the normal period. Also, it is advisable to get into know about bathrooms in airplane and airport in case of any emergency, you don't have to waste your time to search out for the exact location.

Choose loose clothes

No matter whether you are fond of loos dressing or not, but if you are pregnant, you have to follow some basics your doctors have suggested even if you don't like to! And wearing loose cloths is one of them! Yes, while you are traveling, wear loose cloths and make sure you have enough comfort for yourself and for your baby in the womb.

Inform flight attendants and airport officials

It is also important for people providing you service to know that you are pregnant! This is because if they know, they can provide service with extra care that you and your baby in the womb deserve. So when you get to the plane, inform the flight attendants about your pregnancy. It is also suggested to inform the same to the concerned airport officials so that they can treat you in the way you should be.

Food and other things you need to take care of

Food is also an important aspect to consider. As a pregnant woman, you might need some special food suggested by your doctor. Make sure you pack your special diet as advised by your doctor, and packing alone is enough, you have to follow the diet schedule as well. You should also try to get a soft and slow walk around the plane or after the flight as sitting still for long time can develop blood clot.

With these precautions and advance preparation, you can make your journey smooth, enjoying and memorable!

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