Lumbini - the birth place of Lord Buddha and a World Heritage site!!

Jun 15, 2013

A place where the 'Enlightened One!' was born naturally becomes remarkable for the entire world. Revered as a place of worship by the Buddhist followers, Lumbini is a special place in every way possible.

Located at South west Nepal, the place is a World Heritage site for travellers and a pilgrimage site for devout Buddhists. This sacred garden is beautiful in appearance and oozes a holy aura.

According to the tales, some twenty five hundred years ago, mother of Lord Buddha was travelling to her father's place to give birth to the child. But, the child was born in the middle way in the garden of Lumbini. Presently this place has several temples, stupas and monasteries. The landmarks of this place are Mayadevi temple (in memory of Buddha's mother queen Mayadevi) and Ashoka pillar.

For visiting this beautiful place, you can travel from Melbourne to Kathmandu and then to Lumbini. The sacred garden spread across 8 square kilometres has many ancient sights and pilgrimage places in the surrounding areas.


The highlights of the place are:

  • Mayadevi temple
  • Ashoka pillar giving proof of the birthplace of the Lord.
  • Pushkarni pond where mother of Buddha took bath before giving birth to the baby and also gave first bath to the baby.
  • Lumbini museum
  • Kapilvastu, an important pilgrimage site for Buddhist is located 31 kilometres from Lumbini.
  • Kudan, the place where King Suddhodhana (Buddha's father) met Buddha after his enlightenment.
  • Niglihawa, 32 kilometres from Lumbini is significant place where Emperor Ashoka built a sputa and pillar.

How to reach Lumbini?

You can take flight from Melbourne to Kathamandu and hop bus to Lumbini. Lumbini is at a distance of 10 kilometres from Kathmandu.
Domestic flights from Kathmandu to Gautam Buddha airport at Bhairahawa should be taken once you reach Kathmandu. This airport is 45 minutes away from Lumbini.
Buses from Pokhara and Chitwan are can also be take to reach Lumbini.


You will find all types of accommodation here starting from luxury hotels, budget hotels and even lodges. Select as per the stay and the budget.

For booking, you must contact travel agents who facilitate these services from Melbourne to Kathmandu. You can also get all the details from them for planning a vacation to Lumbini. So, soak yourself in the spirit of solitude at Lumbini and experience a tranquil time here in Nepal!

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