International Mango festival, Delhi - 1100 varieties of mangoes on display

Jun 29, 2013

Unusual but 'tasty' the festival of mangoes is being hosted in Delhi, India. Adding flavour to the summers, the capital city of India is hosting the festival from 28th to 30th June of this year.
Mango lovers from across the globe participate and taste 1100 varieties of Indian mangoes. Its aim is to showcase various specialities of this fruit from all states of this country.

International Mango Festival Delhi

Visitors fly from around the globe and good number of entries appear from Melbourne to Delhi also. A joint venture of Delhi tourism and Delhi government, the festival includes mango eating competition, mango folk performances, tasting, quizzes, children shows, mango carving, slogan writing for mangoes and more activities to list down.

The festival includes sale of different types of mango items including jam, chutney, pickles, pulp, aam panna, jelly, aam papad etc. as a mark of increasing the fruit trade. Buyers from all around the world also buy distinct breeds of mango plants. Orders from Melbourne to Delhi are also served with mangoes from all states of India for a delightful, appetising experience.

To attend the mango extravaganza and taste finest breeds of mango like Alphonso, Dasheri, Langda, Bombay Green, Sindheri and other hybrid species. For a savoury experience, attend this unique, one of its kind of festivals and enjoy your time with this summer fruit!  To check the LIVE fun of this festival on Facebook, click here

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