Kerala - perfect place for yoga retreats and Ayurveda holidays!

Jul 9, 2013

Kerala, renowned as Mecca of Ayurveda is the southernmost state of India. Accoladed as 'God's own country' it is a traveller's paradise. A winner of numerous tourism awards the state is visited by thousands of travellers every year.
Apart from its natural beauty, Ayurveda pulls the tourists towards this state. Ayurveda is believed be originated 5000 years back and is still practised here.

Ayurveda has a holistic approach towards physical, emotional and spiritual well being. The western world is realising the benefits of natural medicines and is fast drifting towards Ayurveda. Thousands of visitors flock to Kerala by booking cheap flights from Melbourne to India. They enjoy Ayurvedic health holidays which are an excellent blend of Yoga, herbal cleansing therapies, meditation and relaxation techniques.

The best time for these treatments is monsoon which lasts from July to September in Kerala. At this time, you can book cheap flights from Melbourne to India and spruce up with a distressing and harmonising health vacation. Rejuvenating and cleansing effects of Ayurvedic therapies have lasting effect and can root out causes of diverse types of physical ailments and neurological disorders.

There are numerous Ayurveda clinics and treatment centres in Kerala. The Asthavaidya families which are a lineage of superlative Ayurveda physicians are considered an ace here. They perform diagnosis of the pulse of patient and find out the constitutional imbalances in the body. Based on these they recommend Panch Karma (five types of cleansing) treatments and dietary regulations.

These comprehensive therapies prove beneficial for the perfect well being by detoxifying the body and fortifying the mind. Diseases like paralysis, arthritis, neurological disorders, stroke, skin problems and many other physiological issues are easily cured and prevented by Ayurveda. Even WHO affirms the profound impact of Ayurvedic treatments giving it the title of most reliable medicinal practice.

This season gift yourself an Ayurvedic vacation by being in the stunningly beautiful, lush green Kerala. Check out the best travel sites and book cheap flights from Melbourne to India. You can book your yoga retreat programs in advance through the Internet. Just browse through some good sites and book your healing vacation in the beautiful Kerala!

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