Cruise tours of India - enchanting water adventure on your way!

Aug 9, 2013

India as a country offers various tourist places ranging from hilly mountains to peaceful river fronts. Apart from lush greenery, India also has some of the most stunning cruise adventure spots. Back waters of Kerala, Goa cruise, Cruise on Ganges, Rhino cruise and Sunderban cruise are the most famous of all. Renowned across the globe for their beautiful sight seeing, these cruises are truly enchanting.

For dipping into these mesmerising, tranquil water adventures, book cheap flights from Melbourne to India and check following 'must visit' cruises in India:

Kerala backwater houseboat cruise: Considered as a part of 1001 attractions of the world, this water trip gives an unforgettable glimpse of the beauty of Kerala. Deep lagoons, fresh water lakes, canals, streams surrounded by natural greens can be enjoyed in luxury house boats here.

Goa backwater cruise: Coupled with luxurious recreational activities, the Goa cruises are full of entertainment. Ideal for honey moon and romantic holidays, these include heritage and natural cruises. Dolphin fantasy cruise of this place is another solid attraction. For getting most out of your Goa water adventure, monsoons is the best time to book cheap flights from Melbourne to India.

Sunderban cruise: This cruise stretches between India and Bangladesh and sails across three rivers - Brahmaputra, Ganges and Meghna. Covering 10,000 kilometres of distance the cruise sails across the largest estuarine delta of the world and is surrounded by beautiful Mangrove trees.

Cruise on Ganges: Cruising on the holiest river of India, you can encounter exceptional views of waterfalls, valleys, Ghats, ancient temples and more. Plus it has religious and mystical values due to the confluence of three holiest rivers of India, Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati.

Rhino Cruise: Brahmaputra is the highest river in the world and cruising on it is the most enchanting experience. Surrounded by wild life and tea gardens, the cruise stretches across Assam and Bengal. Boats with luxurious bedrooms, pantry and other facilities are perfect for a comfortable sailing experience.

For experiencing these superlative water cruises of India, book cheap flights from Melbourne to India and enjoy the tranquillity of sailing through water. The best part is that Indian shores offer all these cruises amidst beautiful views and landscapes in the surrounding. This vacation plan a trip to India and enjoy these heavenly places!

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