Five fascinating places to visit to explore real and royal Rajasthan!

Sep 3, 2013

Rajasthan – the eastern state of India is a state full of travel destinations! Rich in cultural heritage, Rajasthan attracks hundreds of thousands of tourists from around the world every year.

The state hosts a number of most popular travel cities of the world and that's enough to make you book cheap flight from Melbourne to India! Let's browse through some of the must visit travel cities of Rajasthan.

Jaipur – The Pink City of India!

Renowned for its buildings with pink color throughout the city, Jaipur is known to be one of the biggest tourist cities of India. Full of culture, people and architectural buildings, Jaipur host a number of heritage palaces and forts.  The city is a part of India's famous tourist triangle. If you have never visited Jaipur before, you should consider visiting this beautiful city during your vacation trip. A visit to Jaipur will surely give you a complete rest of mind and soul and will fill you with full pleasure! Its incredible heritage and stunning culture will leave you stunned!

Jodhpur – The Blue City!

Apart from Jaipur, Jodhpur is also one of the most visited tourist cities in India and is known for its blue painted buildings across the city.

A city with a long heritage and large number of tourist attractions, Jaipur is the second largest city of the Rajasthan. Its ancient Mehrangarh fort is the city's must visit destination for any first time visitor.

Jaisalmer – The stunning sandstone city!

A mesmerising city in the midst of Rajasthan desert. A stunning sandstone city with an ancient fort that was built in 1156 AD, Jaisalmer attracts thousands of domestic and international tourists every year. Its luxurious Jaisalmer Fort has five palaces, several temples, and some exquisite havelis (mansions), as well as shops and other residences. The city also hosts Jaisalmer desert festival for three days in the month of January/February. Beautifully decorated camels taking part in the camel parade and camel are worth not missing for any first time visitor to this wonderful sandstone city!

Udaipur – The city of Palaces!

If you love to soak yourself in the ancient and historic arts, culture and heritage, Udaipur is the city to visit! Surrounded with beautiful gardens, temples and villas, Udaipur hosts a number of heritage palaces that leave any visitor stunned. The City Palace is one such marvelous piece of ancient art and culture that boasts the blend of Rajput and Mughal cuture and takes visitors in the ancient royal rajput era!

Pushkar – The city of the fascinating fair!

Pushkar is a small town in Rajasthan that stays out of news for most of the time during the year, but wakesup to euphoria for couple of weeks during the months of October & November when it hosts the world famous Pushkar Fair, also known as Pushkar Camel Fair. The Pushkar Fair or Pushkar Camel Fair is an exciting, fascinating fair that boasts the traditional Rajasthani and Indian culture to the world audience. However, you can visit this fascinating town anytime during the year, but a visit during the Pushkar Fair will turn your trip into a marvelous holiday trip! Apart from the fair, the Pushkar market is also worth visiting even if you don't have any shopping plan on the mind!

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