Mirza Ghalib's tomb attracts all his fans to Delhi

Oct 4, 2013

Mirza Ghalib's tomb in Delhi attracts his fans from across the world and is a famous tourist destination.

Delhi being the Indian capital host numerous heritage buildings and ancient structures. The best part is that it has preserved many memories in the form of monuments. One such structure is mirza Ghalib's tomb, a cemetery with carved marble stones covering the grave of the most celebrated urdu and Persian poets of all times.

Being born as Mirza Asadullah Baig Khan, this super popular Urdu and Persian poet's pen-name was Ghalib or Asad. Having made an indelible mark in Persian literature, he has gifted the world with heart warming poetries. Coveted as the Urdu Shakespeare, his ghazals and poetries have ruled the 19th century and continue to do so in the current era. On a trip from Melbourne to Delhi, all the Ghalib fans can spend some time at the marble covered grave of this timeless poet.

The grave of this world renowned poet is a very popular tourist site in Delhi. It's a place of extreme reverence for his fans. Located in Central Delhi near the Chaunsath Khamba, the little cemetery has many more tombs and shrines in its vicinity. It is open to visit on all days of the week without any entry fees. Considered as the Mecca of Ghalib fans the area also has a museum and academy in its proximity. On your trip from Melbourne to Delhi, this place will take you on a poetic journey.

The other high lights and near by attractions of the Mirza ghalib tomb are:

Chaunsath khambha: A structure made of 64 pillars, this building with superlative Mughal architecture has shrines of many Sufi Muslim saints and tombs in its periphery.

Nila Gumbad: An artistic tomb made of blue stones and tiles, this monument arrests your eyes in the very first glance.

Nizamuddin's shrine: A place of pilgrimage the shrine of revered Muslim saint Sheikh Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia Chishti is located in the nearby village.

India gate: Built in the memory of Indian soldiers who became martyrs in the battle field, this is the national monument of India.

Sunder Nagar Market: This exquisite market must be visited on the trip from Melbourne to Delhi for going on a shopping spree of some extensive jewellery, antiques and brass ware.

In addition, Ghalib academy can be visited for some of his unseen piece of work. The museum in same campus has pictures, statues, books, and documents giving insights in the life of Mirza Ghalib. This is a special treat for all Ghalib fans and so is a must watch on their trip from Melbourne to Delhi. So, just fly to Delhi and get soaked in the memory of the finest Urdu poets of all times.

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