How to make your Melbourne to Mumbai trip economical?

Nov 12, 2013

The trip from Melbourne to Mumbai can be made economical by choosing simple place to stay, shopping from local markets, eating local food and travelling in public transport.

Melbourne to Mumbai economical tripFor an avid traveller, the Indian metropolitan city of Mumbai would be a jovial journey with crowdy surroundings. The city is full of busy people yet maintains a good taste of food and fashion.

Enveloping the three F's of films, fashion and food, the city is just perfect destination for the hippy souls. You can roam around the beaches, enjoy luxury hotels, go for street shopping and just have a blast here.

Availability of cheap flights from Melbourne to Mumbai is the icing on  the cake.

Some tips to save your pocket while on the trip to Mumbai:

Low cost stay: If you plan a long stay in this city, you would end up making a big hole in your pocket. For saving some bucks, you can choose apartments or hostels rather than going for luxury five star or three star hotels. For a longer stay, a furnished apartment would serve the purpose of comfort and facility.

Choose local markets: Mumbai is famous for ethnic and fusion style of fashion. You can easily buy some branded clothes but street shopping has another charm altogether. Explore the local markets and you would end up buying memorable things on your trip from Melbourne to Mumbai. Tourists love Indian style clothing especially saris and traditional wear which should be on your shopping list.

Finest local cuisine: For the true spirit of Mumbai, you should gorge on local delicacies. Spicy and tasty food is catered at the very many street side food courts giving you an exquisite taste of the country. Local food saves in big chunk of your food budget which would otherwise be easily stripped by dearer restaurants. Moreover, its always good to try the local flavours.

Transport for you: In western countries, you will find hiring cars and caravans the ideal way to travel. Contrary to this, Mumbai can be best travelled through public transport. Also, hiring cabs would be convenient for all those who want a comfortable trip. But, taxi fares are much higher than the public transport so, for saving on unnecessary travel expenses, just choose local transportation.

To conclude, your Melbourne to Mumbai  trip can be made economical by choosing a simple place to stay, shopping from local markets, eating local food and travelling in public transport. So, are you  ready for the Mumbai trip??

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