Major Forts and Monuments in Delhi Reflecting the Mughal Architecture!

Dec 5, 2013

Famous Mughal forts and monuments in Delhi!

Delhi, the capital city of India, has perfectly hold onto its cultural heritage despite the high levels of modernisation. The city offers a rich travel experience owing to the diversity one gets to see here in terms of culture, tradition and way of living. If you live in Melbourne and want to tour Delhi then there are a number of flights from Melbourne to Delhi, using which you can easily plan your trip.

While there are lots of attractions in Delhi, the Mughal architecture is something sure to leave you stunned. If you have booked your holiday flights from Melbourne to Delhi then here we have got a list of major forts and monuments symbolising the Mughal architecture. Have a look:

Humayun's Tomb: It was built in the mid 16th century by Mughal emperor Humayun;s wife Haji Begum. Structured in red stone, it is said to be the predecessor of Taj Mahal.

Humayun's tomb is truly one of the remarkable examples of Mughal Architecture. The complex provides free entry on Fridays. Book early flights from Melbourne to Delhi and do visit this classic monument.

The Red Fort: It was laid out by the banks of river Yamuna in the 17th century. Red Fort was built by Mughal emperor Shajahan with an objective of concentrating the Mughal dynasty in one monument.

Designed beautifully in red stone, the fort is truly a delight to one's eyes. It is full of several rooms and halls designed for specific purposes. Every evening, you can get to be a part of the light and sound show.

Qutab Minar: Known to be the highest stone building in India, Qutab Minar was constructed by Qutbuddin Aibak in 1192. Aibak was the viceroy of Mohammad Ghori and the tower was built to commemorate Ghori's victory over the Rajputs.

The Minar is a five-storey building and has a height of 72.5 metres. It's a key attraction amidst the tourists who visit the place booking convenient flights to from Melbourne to Delhi.

India Gate: Built in 1931 in the remembrance of the 90,000 Indian soldiers who gave up their lives in World War I, India Gate was configured by Lutyens. Originally it was called as the All India War Memorial. There are names of the soldiers  inscribed on the walls of the arc of the gate.

It stands at the end of Rajpath, and is a very famous picnic site especially during the summer evenings. During night time, India Gate gets brightly lit and its fountains near the Gate are all lit with coloured lights.

Book affordable flights from Melbourne to Delhi and catch on these wonderful monuments that are sure to leave an everlasting impression on you!

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