Travelling To India: The Visa Type Meeting Up With Your Needs The Best!

Dec 9, 2013

Important tip on types of visas issued for travelling in India and the guideline to choose the most suitable of all!

Travelling to any foreign land is no more a task these days owing to the ease and comfort commuting from one country to the other comes up with. If you are staying in Melbourne and wish to apply for an Indian visa, then you must be very clear with the types of visas available and the one suiting your needs the most.

Here check out the major type of visas available in India and also check the purpose of travel they favour:

Tourist Visa: Counted as the most common amongst the lot, tourist visa is issued to any foreign national who wishes to holiday in India. Tourist visa is valid for a period of six months and the time is never exceeded than this. If you have an Indian visa in Melbourne for a touring purpose then make sure to keep a minimum time gap of two months between two successive visits to India.

Business Visa: These visas are given to people who visit India for exploring some business opportunities, conducting or attending a business meet held by any private or public organisation. If you are here on a business visa, then you can't get any remuneration from an Indian organization. Also, you can't stay here for a period more than six months. As you apply for an Indian visa in Melbourne for business purpose make sure to keep it enclosed with the concerned organization's letter, detail of the business, places you will be visiting and intention of meeting the expenses incurred by you in India.

Student's Visa: Exchange of students between Australia and India takes place on a large scale. You can easily get an Indian visa in Melbourne provided your student visa is enclosed with the registration or admission papers for studying at a residential course at any of the officially credited educational institution. Student visa stands valid for a period of five years.

Make your trip from Melbourne to India a comfortable and trouble free affair applying for the right visa type!

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